Reach your customers where they feel at home – extensive reach and eye-catching communication enables you to successfully acquire customers and effectively expand your marketing to existing customers. The key here is to intelligently combine the online and offline worlds. AZ Direct offers you the best performance, which is targeted and efficient across the various channels. With Germany’s most extensive multi-channel reach, your advertising message can get to about 63 million customers in Germany across various media. Communicate with your customers via their preferred channel with an offer that matters to them. This turns customers into fans. The basis for efficient customer communication is a modern CRM system that has the latest data and contains marketing-relevant customer insights. AZ Direct provides state-of-the-art address management services to validate and update your customer addresses in real time. With our extensive range of data, we also help you to add to your customer data in order to boost cross-selling and upselling within your existing customer base.

Service Areas

Customer Acquisition

Our multi-channel marketing specialists support you in all phases of targeted customer acquisition – from analysis and planning through to the evaluation and further optimization of your marketing campaigns.

Marketing to Existing Customers

Strong and lasting relationships – rely on your existing customers and our expertise. Bolster your relationships with your valuable customers.

Information Services

Efficient and modern address management processes combined with international reference data for streets, buildings, and markets – optimize your CRM and e-commerce platforms.

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