Street and Building Dataset

Success thanks to correct addresses – with reference data that is always up-to-date

Our international street and building directories are market leaders in terms of quality and they offer extensive coverage of many European countries. This reference data forms the basis of many address validation programs.

We are continuously expanding our European databases. This means that we can also provide address and reference data for many other European countries in addition to Germany, including Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Spain, and the Netherlands. The exceptionally high-quality data is available at building level or at street level.

The country-specific AZ street directories are always up-to-date and they provide the correct street, zip code, and city index. This data can be used for postal codes, address corrections, auto completion of addresses, freight codes, or OCR software, for example. The AZ street directory gives you access to all relevant address data for almost any building in the relevant country.

Our building directories provide a unique source of information to verify and qualify your customer data. Especially in combination with our market database AZ DIAS, we can provide you with a vast amount of information about individuals and households in a particular building.

You can count on it: The building dataset is continuously updated with new buildings and streets as well as new street names and so on – and only after carefully researching the facts. This data maintenance is performed not only by computers, but also by an experienced, professional team of 15 staff members.

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