Product Portfolio

Direct Mail

Direct mail offers potential for target-group-optimized customer acquisition

E-mail Marketing

Data-driven e-mail marketing with the largest reach in Germany

Display Advertising

Be seen – be close to your customers with display advertising


Added value for the recipient and the sender – attractive package inserts

Analytical Services

New insights for your future marketing – with our analytical services, you can identify the characteristics of your (potential) customers

Customer Insights

Find out what piques the interest of your customers – qualifying customer data for tailored communication and support

Address Services

Minimize returns and increase your conversion rate with efficient and modern address management services

Street and Building Dataset

Valuable reference data, market-leading quality, and international availability – to verify and qualify your customer data

Campaign Management

Maintaining customers’ long-term interest in today’s world – with our innovative, data-driven campaign management system

CRM Onboarding

Digital activation and reactivation of existing customers across more than 10 channels

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