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Consumers today have a great deal of choice. This makes it all the more important for the CRM system to contain qualifying customer information, so that tailored communication and service can be provided. The AZ DIAS Audience Targeting System is the only information database of its kind in Germany. AZ DIAS has extensive profile data about more than 40 million households, 70 million individuals and 20 million buildings.

More than 600 characteristics – including socio-demographic and psychographic characteristics as well as consumption behavior – can be used to profile current and potential customers. This information can be used for purposes such as address qualification, customer selection, existing customer optimization, or even to create a customer typology. It also provides an efficient way of selecting random representative addresses for customer surveys.

AZ DIAS profiles support unambiguous and personal target group communication, effective and targeted customer retention as well as tailored customer segmentation. AZ DIAS profile data also provides the basis for the selection of our multi-channel target group offers and it is used for our analytical services.

Data protection is ensured at all times through our unique, patented Data Secure [hoch]TTP [/hoch] method for anonymizing the data enrichment process.

The AZ DIAS range of data

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