AZ Direct is your partner for successful, data-driven multi-channel marketing. We can assist you with the intelligent integration of your online and offline worlds.

The basis for this is our one-of-a-kind AZ DIAS audience targeting system. It currently enables us to reach about 63 million consumers across various channels. As such, we have the most extensive crossmedial reach in Germany. We intelligently analyze the data and addresses by using comprehensive statistical-geographical information and analysis systems and we qualify the data on a custom basis, depending on what is needed.

Our innovative services, such a region-specifice-mail marketing and display advertising, allow our customers to be even more successful in their respective markets. Our patented Data SecureTTP method enables us to rest assured that we are always in compliance with data protection regulations. And it gives our customers completely new, far-reaching possibilities for legally storing, accumulating, and processing their customer data.

The task of combining previously separate online and offline “data silos” so that they become comprehensive, intelligent campaign systems poses a significant challenge to companies. We can support you with our expertise and our cutting edge CRM campaign management services.

AZ Direct has offices in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We are part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group and are also involved in well-known joint ventures as a partner. This allows us to offer our national and international customers the best service in all aspects of modern, interactive communication.