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Straight to 37 million potential new customers
Optimize your dialog marketing activities with postal mailings by using our 37 million consumer addresses. Even when narrowed down to very specific regions or unique target groups, we can enable you to reach a sufficient number of potential customers.

Our tip for your success: A direct mail campaign should be preceded by detailed profile analyses of your existing customer data. The foundation for this is provided by our more than 600 address-qualified profile characteristics on sociodemography, psychography, consumer characteristics, stages of life, location/geodata and much more. This information is from our AZ DIAS Audience Targeting System. Anonymized processing of the data in compliance with privacy laws is ensured by use of our patented Data Secure [superscript]TTP [/superscript] method.

To make your advertisement as successful as possible, the target group addresses derived from the analysis should also be integrated into multi-channel campaigns. With the help of AZ Direct, cross-media communication with accompanying e-mail and display advertising campaigns to most of the same addresses will yield even greater success.

AZ DIAS has data on 70 million individuals, with numerous insights for effective customer acquisition


AZ DIAS-optimized building selection
Acquire new customers with partially addressed POSTWURFSPEZIAL (special unaddressed mail), enabling you to reach more than 34 million German households.

We optimize and control the cost-effective distribution of partially addressed mailings to your new potential customers. Targeted communication, such as “To Wine Lovers” or “To the Resident Energy-Savers” is also possible.


Based on your target group specifications or upstream AZ customer profile analyses and in consideration of the adjusted distribution volume of the Deutsche Post due to people who do not wish to receive promotional mail, we optimize the building selection with our AZ DIAS market database.
In addition, market research results such as those from the market media study best for planning are available for optimization.

Benefit from a significant increase in customers and sales compared to non-AZ Direct optimized (special) direct mailings.

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