Address Services

Address management – modern, effective, and economical

AZ address validation, address updating, and duplicate matching

Three steps to accurate, high-quality addresses
Validating the spelling of the addresses, verifying that they are up-to-date (e.g., in relation to possible moves), and duplicate matching to avoid double-communications – these are the foundational aspects for communicating efficiently with customers. This prevents incorrect addressing, minimizes returns, and increases the success of your advertising campaign.

Each address validation starts by structuring and formatting addresses using AZ Trim. Next, AZ Strada, our software for verifying proper address spelling, ensures the quality of the address. During this process, your address portfolio is checked for validity and orthographic correctness.

In the subsequent address updating process, we cross-check your addresses against information about recipients who have relocated or passed away. This information can either be used during the address screening process or it can be permanently transferred to your customer base.
AZ Unique compares the phonetics of the structured, updated, and correct postal addresses. In the duplicate matching process, AZ Unique searches for double entries of individuals, households, or companies.

All of these processes are available either for traditional batch processing or for online processes – in real-time as an integrated part of your CRM and e-commerce platform.

AZ PICK – address verification

Especially in e-commerce, additional hurdles in terms of deliverability of a shipment are inevitable. Incorrect deliveries and returns cause high costs, adversely affect customer satisfaction, and should thus be avoided whenever possible.

AZ PICK (Person Identification Check) allows you to check whether the addressee actually exists before mailing the shipment. AZ PICK is the perfect tool for address verification and thus for lowering the risk of incorrect deliveries and returns, for example. During verification, the addresses are standardized in advance, validated as correct postal addresses, and subsequently compared to our reference database of more than 150 million address records. This means that prior to mailing, a check ascertains whether the recipient is likely to be living at the indicated address and therefore whether the mailing is deliverable.

AZ Pick is directly integrated into the e-commerce platform as an online process and provides you with real-time information about deliverability.


AZ Input Assistant

Address validation and data cleansing made easy
The AZ input assistant allows you to provide your customers with a convenient way of inputting error-free addresses during the checkout or registration processes. Thanks to the intuitive quick entry screen, the customer is shown correct address suggestions after inputting just a few characters. This prevents input errors and ensures that only correct addresses are added to your customer database. This increases the usability of your website and enhances the conversion rate or your webshop.

The input assistant can be quickly integrated into existing websites or shop systems. Address suggestions for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are generated in real time. The latest reference data is permanently available. Your benefits: fewer order cancellations due to incorrect entries, deliverable shipments, happy customers, and a higher conversion rate.