Display Advertising

The AZ Trading Desk offers all available programmatic advertising channels from a single source

Display advertising enables you to get very close to your customers. With the support of our AZ Trading Desk, you can control both your traditional display marketing campaign and your crossmedial customer communication. This enables you to successfully acquire new customers across all digital channels, such as desktop, mobile, video and social, as well as digital-out-of-home (DOOH).
AZ dPool links about 31 million distinct Internet users with our unique AZ DIAS Audience Targeting System. This means that display campaigns can be carried out in a targeted fashion on the basis of defined selection criteria or score values.

Increase your crossmedial success and combine the cookie channels with e-mail marketing and with postal mailing channels from the AZ Direct portfolio. Tailored customer journey management is also possible on the basis of customer-specific concepts.

Take advantage of our full service trading desk. This will enable you to source all of the cookie-relevant channels from experts. The members of our trading desk team have more than eight years of professional experience in the programmatic business – a relatively young segment. Our promise: We work independently of marketers and agencies. Our customers always have access to transparent site reporting.

Display advertising for optimized customer communication

Individually managed service for all cookie-relevant channels from a single source

Your additional advantages
Our exclusive cooperation with GelbeSeiten.de gives you access to potential new customers from a data pool generated from over 130 million web search queries, enabling you to reach them with individualized display, mobile, video, and social media advertising.

Our unique AZ DIAS Audience Targeting System, with a reach of more than 63 million consumers, also enables matching across all relevant social media and display channels, including Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

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