CRM Onboarding

Digitally (re)activate existing customers and enhance the performance across various media

The increasing costs of direct mail and the popularity of online platforms make it difficult to activate and reactivate existing customers using traditional channels. Take advantage of our CRM onboarding to reach your existing customers via the following digital platforms:, GMX, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Snapchat.

Using the Data Secure[superscript]TTP[/superscript] method, AZ Direct coordinates and implements the digital dialog in compliance with data protection regulations. AZ bridgePool also facilitates the best possible matching rates to maximize the reach on these digital platforms.

Using our AZ Trading Desk, we would be glad to manage your campaign on the digital platforms for desktop, mobile, video, and social advertising.

With CRM onboarding, you can activate and reactivate your existing customers digitally and effectively, lay the foundations for powerful twinning campaigns for new customer acquisition, and systematically exclude existing customers when acquiring new customers on digital platforms.

In addition, offline campaigns such as sending catalogs can be enhanced by communicating digitally with existing customers. Taking a crossmedial approach will give the performance of your offline campaign an additional boost.

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